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Weekdays: 7:40 a.m. – Dusk

Weekends: 7:00 a.m. – Dusk


1614 New London Road

Forest, Virginia 24551

(434) 525 - GOLF (4653)


Email: londondowns@verizon.net


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Special Service Rates

Police – Fire – EMT

$10 Off 18-Hole Riding Rate

Unlimited with Valid I.D.



Thursday after 1:00 p.m.

Purchase a Cart Fee and Receive Complimentary Greens Fees

Unlimited with Valid I.D.

Best Golf in the Area

The New Carts Are Here!

We love them. First they should make it close to four rounds on a single charge, and should last several years before the batteries start to weaken. Now, the really neat thing. With the new GPS system, we can program them to be cart path only, or select certain areas that are prohibited based on day-to-day conditions. Par 3’s are cart path only all the time. If you have any mobility issues where you would normally need a handicap flag, let us know which cart you are in so we can program it to allow you to get a little closer to the green, but not right at the edge of the green.

If it senses that the cart is in a restricted area, it will first beep and then stop. You can back it up and it should then operate again as programmed. Overall the system works very well, and we know you will really like the new carts with all the features. 

See What's New in our Pro Shop for 2021

Our fully stocked Pro Shop features brands from golf's major manufacturers. From putters to drivers, we carry all of the top companies such as Srixon, Callaway and Taylormade, among others. Club fitting is also available. Equipment, apparel, shoes and souvenir items can all be found at competitive prices.

Demo Days


April 17 — 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


April 18 — 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


May 2 — 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Please stop by the Pro Shop to schedule your fitting time or just stop by the driving range

to try out these new clubs. We will be there to assist you in picking out the correct clubs to try.

Monday Morning Ladies League to Begin April 12th

The ladies morning league will crank up on Monday, April 12th, with a 9:00 a.m. start time. The ladies will also play on Monday evenings at 5:00 p.m. in April. To get more information on joining these leagues, stop by the Pro Shop.

Wednesday Evening Scramble to Begin April 21st

The days are getting longer! So by the second half of April we should have enough daylight to tee off at 6:00 p.m. and finish 9 holes. We will begin the members' Cuban Scrambles on Wednesday, April 21st, at 6:00 p.m., continuing every week through August. The format is everyone hits from the tee, selects the best drive, and then plays your own ball in from there. On par 5's you play 2 shots in this format before playing your own ball, and par 3's will be your own ball from the red tees.

The fee is the 9-hole cart fee plus an $11 prize fund. Please get here or at least call in by 5:30 p.m. so we can tee it up on time and finish before dark. These are great fun and open to all members.

Icebreaker Tournament :: March 20


Low Gross — Pat Ramsey ~ Chuck Brewer :: 66

Low Net — Bobby Walker ~ Josh Brown :: 61

Championship Flight

First Gross — Pat Ramsey ~ Chuck Brewer :: 66

Second Gross — Penn Burton ~ Jim Young :: 68

First Net — Robbie Clay ~ Ben Clayborn :: 65

Second Net — Hank Grattan ~ Charlie Graves :: 65

First Flight

First Gross — Mike Forren ~ Mike Martin :: 68

Second Gross — Maxey Wilkerson ~ Ty Gafford :: 68

First Net — Bobby Evans ~ Mike Wilson :: 63

Second Net — Brandon Conner ~ Graham Thacker :: 64

Second Flight

First Gross — Stan Graber ~ Ernie Chenault :: 71

Second Gross — Tom Hermann ~ John Meadows :: 71

First Net — Cuz Nixon ~ Scott Waddell :: 64

Second Net — Jacob Hall ~ Richard Cole :: 66

Third Flight

First Gross — Try Witt ~ Dave Wonnacott :: 71

Second Gross — Ed O'Brien ~ Kyle Hoehne :: 72

First Net — William Albert ~ Gene Hatcher :: 63

Second Net — John Maddox ~ Charlie Copp :: 65

Fourth Flight

First Gross — Bobby Walker ~ Josh Brown :: 70

Second Gross — Bruce Beckett ~ Wayne Belden :: 73

First Net — Pat Whitten ~ Mac McCormick :: 62

Second Net — Tim Groover ~ Mike Carpenter :: 64

Upcoming Events



Falling River at London Downs SeniorsApril 229:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
PPSADApril 241:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Red Truck MinistryApril 291:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Association of General ContractorsApril 301:15 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Puppy Pack Ryder Cup Day 1May 18:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Puppy Pack Ryder Cup Day 2May 28:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Exchange Club of LynchburgMay 71:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Moose LodgeMay 81:30 p.m.Limited a.m. Tee Times
Blue Ridge Pregnancy CenterMay 211:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Central Virginia Invitational Day 2May 237:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
BWXTJune 59:00 a.m.No Tee Times Available
Clubs for CancerJune 91:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available

Liberty University Athletics

June 11
8:30 a.m./
1:30 p.m.

No Tee Times Available
Lyn-Dan VFDJune 121:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Park View CommunityJune 181:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Mickey RossJune 261:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
London Downs Red,  White & BlueJuly 49:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
BHS FootballJuly 101:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Bedford County SheriffJuly 248:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Heritage InvitationalAugust 21:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Puppy Pack Member/GuestAugust 78:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Women's Central Virgina InvitationalAugust 89:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Moose LodgeAugust 141:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Boys & Girls ClubAugust 161:15 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
HomebuildersAugust 201:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Counts Cup Day 1August 288:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Counts Cup Day 2August 298:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available

Relay For Life

September 3
8:30 a.m./
1:30 p.m.

Limited Tee Times Available
Shriners TourneySeptember 101:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Fall ClassicSeptember 161:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Bedford Pregnancy CenterSeptember 171:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Puppy Pack Championship Day 1September 188:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Puppy Pack Championship Day 2September 198:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Ladies Mountain RiverSeptember 229:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Mickey RossSeptember 251:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Roanoke Valley SeniorsSeptember 279:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
RealtorsSeptember 301:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Mickey RossOctober 11:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Mickey RossOctober 29:00 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
Hunters For The HungryOctober 61:30 p.m.Limited Tee Times Available
All American CupOctober 1610:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available
London Downs Seniors Tough TurkeyOctober 198:30 a.m.Limited Tee Times Available